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Pencil Pleat Curtains

There is something classic about pencil pleat curtains. Pencil pleat headers are probably the most common type of heading for curtains, since they gather the fabric evenly across the entire width of the curtain. The fabric  tumbles freely to the floor from the tight pleats of the header. You can choose either poles or tracks to hang pencil pleat curtains. EMS Curtains LLC, renowned curtain suppliers in Dubai,  offers exclusive metal pole and curtain panel designs.

The term pencil or pleated curtains should not be confused with it. These curtains have a slight resemblance to a row of pencils as their name indicates. A pencil pleat voile curtain has the top tightly folded together, resembling a row of pencils arranged side by side. Thus, these types of curtain tops are called deep pencil pleat and pencil pleat curtains. 

Since pencil pleat curtains have a very traditional appearance, they are a perfect choice for classic interiors, cottages or older properties. Curtains with pencil pleats are very popular in bedrooms, living rooms and dining.

Choose the right type of pencil pleat Dubai curtains for your window treatments and for your home decorating needs as a first step in the interior design of your house. EMS Curtains LLC, Curtain suppliers in Dubai have many varieties to choose from. Book an appointment for free consultation. Our craftsmen will come to your property for the measurement and can also advise on the best pencil pleat curtains to match your interior decor. We also offer readymade pencil pleat curtains, visit our shop at Al Masaood Tower, Deira, Dubai. 

We provide unmatched interior solutions at unbeatable prices through our professional team. We take great care to ensure that the curtains fit accurately at the first attempt. Residential, commercial, and hospitality projects all benefit from our curtains. 

The blackout pencil pleat curtains that we offer prevent unwanted light from entering your home, offering you a great night’s sleep.

Our mission has always been to provide our customers with great products at the best prices, bringing all the essentials for a beautiful home together. 

As far as styles, designs, patterns, colors, and finish requirements are concerned, our range meets the needs of our clients. Having earned a reputation for being able to meet client expectations within a reasonable timeframe, as an industry leader, we ensure that our resources are used judiciously. The quality of the products we provide attests to our credibility within the industry. EMS Curtains LLC ,Curtain suppliers in Dubai have achieved a significant position in the International Arena based on the experience of our skilled craftsmen and the state-of-the-art manufacturing and finishing machinery.


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We at EMS Curtains LLC strive to provide high-quality and elegant blinds everytime. Our curtains and blinds transform your interior that fits your mood for work and home.

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