Wooden Venetian Blinds in Dubai

Wooden Venetian Blinds in Dubai

Bringing extreme levels of natural style and immense practicality, our Wooden Venetian blinds makes a great addition to any living space, whether in a kitchen, a living room or a dining area. At EMS Curtains we offer extraordinary samples of Wooden Venetian blinds, each of which is made to measure and tailored to your exact specification. EMS Wood Venetian blinds are constructed from high quality basswoods and are available in many different colors to suit your needs and your budget. EMS is always aware of customer budgets and so we offer various ranges to suit customer budgetary needs.

  • Customize Your Design
  • No compromise on quality
  • Classic blind controls light
  • Fully natural colors used
  • Best choice blinds & curtains
  • Open close easily by wand tilt

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Assuming you love the exemplary look of regular wood, lumber Venetians are for you. Wood is likewise a proficient insulator, meaning the amount of heat that will enter your home during summer will be minimized, and it will also evade during winter. Choices incorporate Wood lux (a 60% lumber 40% PVC mix) accessible in a brilliant, wheatish complexion and high-quality base wood, which catches the glow of regular wood in a light-to-medium or medium-to-dim lacquered finish.

An exemplary decision


From its visual, a wooden Venetian Blind in Dubai is a genuine work of art. Consolidating the glow of excellence of regular wood with the functional advantages of the Venetian style, it is a fantastic form of the Victorian-styled blind. Not only does it add a taste to your house, but with the fine finish of our blinds, your house will receive a make-over. 

We provide Wooden Venetian Blinds in Dubai developed from various even wood supports connected with a pulley rope framework. This raises and brings the blind down to your required, ideal situation. It provides just as pivoting the braces relying upon how much light and shade you need. We get our wood from timberlands that are mindfully made, socially valuable, naturally cognizant, and financially suitable, making your wooden Venetian Blinds more supportable and eco-accommodating.

Ideal for protection


Wooden blinds additionally are profound with regards to protection. For example, most window dressings, a roller blind, will darken a view while ultimately hindering the window. But with our wooden Venetian Blinds in Dubai, you can point the braces to avoid outsiders seeing anything inside while partaking in a delicate channel of sunshine or air. Moreover, since they are made with durable genuine wood, there’s no danger of shadows or frameworks, which may cause you to feel uncovered in a specific region of the home.

Speedy and straightforward


Our wooden Venetian blinds are exceptionally simple to gauge, request and introduce. Likewise, they are simple to utilize and keep up with, so your Venetian Blinds will look incredible even with minimum work. The establishment can be effectively introduced in your room’s or alternately office’s windows without any hassle. Even our blinds come with handy instructions on cleaning or removing as you may so.

Profoundly sturdy


A top-notch wooden Venetian Blind is dependably a pragmatic choice as far as toughness. As our parents say, nothing can beat the sturdiness of wood from an old tree! The wood is lightweight but very hardwearing, and that implies your new Venetian Blinds will keep going as long as possible. Each brace is extremely simple to clean, requiring just a wipe with a delicate material to eliminate dust. For more difficult colors, attempt a wood cleaner or gentle cleanser. 

Being one of the top providers of Wooden Venetian Blinds in Dubai, we provide a hassle-free Blinds Cleaning Day. If you face any problem while de-assembling the blinds for cleaning, we are here for you! It should also be noted that the wooden blinds should be kept dry at every point in time. This also removes any chance of breaking, wearing out, or attacking wood bugs. We give you a suggestion to avoid these particular blinds installation in humid, damp rooms such as a washroom. We also have our Delivery and Fitting contact info for more info; ring up any time.

In the event of buying your wooden Venetian Blinds, you’ll have to decide the required width, drop and brace size. The ideal width and drop shall be directed by the size of your window or the vent where you want it to be set. The slat choice can be your own choice of how you want to decorate.

We’ve recently seen a developing pattern of more extensive brace sizes being chosen, hovering more surface regions of the window. More extensive supports additionally have a more modest stack look, and fewer are needed to make up the blinds. Wide wood Venetian blind supports a glamorous, attractive look contrasted with their sleek options, mainly when chosen in any shade of white. White wooden Venetian blinds with thin braces likewise look extraordinary. 

Consider these all, assuming you’re focusing on a more contemporary look, mainly if you’re introducing the blinds in your house, drop a text. We are here to provide the best customer service!

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