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Known for the deep folds of fabric that run in uniform lines from top to bottom, eyelet curtains are very stylish and add a stylish touch to a window  either fully drawn or window being framed. An eyelet curtain is made of large metal rings woven into the material. These rings create a deep fold in the curtain that looks stunning from the top to bottom. In contrast to the usual header tape, the rings on the headings make your window treatments look even more appealing. In many homes and even in offices, eyelet pleats create an atmosphere that is sophisticated and simple. EMS Curtains LLC, Curtain suppliers in Dubai offers a selection of curtains that will give any space a perfect finishing touch.

It is easy to open and close the curtains due to the hems, which allow the curtains to flow smoothly along the rod. Both in open and  closed style , eyelet curtains are neat and stylish, and can be made from many fabric types, from thin and sheer to thick and blackout. Instead of having to be fitted to a track, these curtains can be threaded across the pole of a curtain pole instead. Eyelet curtain designs can also save you material and be more durable compared to pleated designs. With our expert fitting services, you can feel confident that after the fabric is hand-steamed and hangs perfectly, it will remain a beautiful piece of fabric for many years. Book a for free consultation with EMS Curtains LLC, Curtain suppliers in Dubai

With eyelet curtains, you can choose from plain, patterned, textured, or untextured fabrics to create a unique look for your curtain fabrics. When eyelet curtains hang perfectly from top to bottom, your room appears even wider, and the design accentuates its height.. You may also want to consider whether a wooden or metal curtain pole would work better in your room, and what colour would go best with the eyelet. It is very important that the fabric for your curtains be measured precisely so every fold sits evenly above the ground in line with the style and shape of your window. Call EMS Curtains LLC, Curtain suppliers in Dubai for free consultation and free measurement, at the ease of your convenience. The best solutions are carefully crafted to meet the needs of customers, that are carefully considered and provide a high quality finish.

If you’re thinking about purchasing eyelet curtains but don’t know where to properly buy them, no need to worry. EMS Curtains LLC, Curtain suppliers in Dubai is the answer. We provide bespoke curtains, tailored to perfection and installed properly. With our growth, our expertise and range have increased, providing premium blinds and curtains. Throughout the years, we have developed our expertise in the design and manufacturing of products for a variety of window types and sizes. Contact us today.


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