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Curtains are integral to every home. It provides decoration, aesthetic, and also comfort to the interiors of every household. Aside from its aesthetic purpose, it also functions to protects each household from direct sunlight during the day. At night, it also provides protection, security, and privacy from the outside.  Curtains also reduce ingress of drafts while maintaining the warm ambiance of the room.

EMS Curtains is one of the best curtain suppliers in Dubai, offers a wide variety of curtain options and all are made from the finest quality fabrics available in the market today, with a range of colors to please any personal taste. All our curtains are ‘made to measure’ to ensure they are exactly suited to the particular home location and can be professionally installed quickly and simply due to the pre-planning of mad to measure approach. From  Triple Pinch Pleat, Eyelet, Easy Wave, Pencil Pleat, and Motorized Curtains, trust that we can provide you the best curtains you would need for your homes. We can also provide our expertise and judgment to help guide you in selecting and purchasing the correct curtains. Our services can also extend to other curtain-related inquiries as well. As an affordable curtains-making company in Dubai,  EMS curtains will give you the best curtains for your need.

Curtains assume a significant part in changing your home to home. With regards to picking the right curtains for your space, there are such countless choices of textures, completes, tones, and drapery bars, it can be very overpowering!. Curtains aren’t regularly modest either, so it’s great to get the right ones for your space regardless. We have a broad product offering that is intended to meet any necessities of draperies. Browse a wide scope of conventional/beautiful/Arabic curtains planned by a huge number of specialists from around the world and carry stand-out style to your home – from moving examples to charming. 

Pencil pleats

Pencil pleat curtains by affordable curtains making company in Dubai allude to the standard heading type for curtains. They normally have three columns of string that are strung through making a beeline to suit a wide range of curtain shafts and curtain tracks. Pencil pleat curtains get their name from the manner in which the plan hopes to look like pencils remaining in succession. Because of the manner in which this curtain style suits all drapery following sorts, fitting them is basic which settles on them an incredibly well-known curtain decision. Being perhaps the most well-known styles of the curtain, pencil pleat curtains are both pragmatic as far as style and cost. They are quite possibly the savviest styles of curtain and are by and large beautiful and easy to keep up with.

Triple pinch pleat curtain

Triple pinch pleat fixing curtain has little gatherings of pleats isolated by level areas of texture. The pinch pleat curtain snares are utilized at each pleat, so the curtains are suspended by the pleats with level texture between. Pinch pleats give a more conventional look and the curtains will in general hang in uniform folds. The pinch pleat heading can likewise be made with twofold pleats to make a less full more current-looking drapery whenever liked; this will likewise require less texture to make the shade. Cautiously measure your track or post as curtains are made to a definite fit.

Eyelet Curtain

Eyelet curtains, the best curtains in Dubai, are an advanced option in contrast to customary pleated curtains. They are an easy solution for hanging your own curtains. Instead of the standard heading tape, they include metal rings which are to be strung onto an eyelet curtain shaft. These rings give the curtains bigger, delicate pleats which look amazingly present day and stylish while permitting them to be opened and shut without a hitch and effortlessly. Eyelet curtains are accessible in a scope of various textures just as in a wide range of shadings and lengths to suit your singular details and inclinations. Eyelet curtains are extremely reasonable both as far as their simplicity to hang and in their application.

Easy wave curtain

Easy wave window curtain or draperies shaping waves, twists with the fiber that gives pleated appearance. These are purported easy wave draperies since they have rings weaved on the top and on sides. Easy wave curtains are a profoundly beautiful heading, bringing together loads of texture into a firmly accumulated and sewed pack at the top. Easy wave Curtains are not just strong, they are best quality insightful and astonishing by their viewpoint and are shimmery. These are utilized in where faint light is utilized as opposed to making them absolutely dim. They are the best answer for shades at all kinds of spots. We furnish the quality with stunning elements and penny percent strength.

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